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L-1 Visas are a unique technique the United States has created to allow Companies from foreign jurisdictions to establish a footprint in the United States.  Eligibility is for employees being transferred from a foreign company to the U.S. Company.  The employee must be an executive, manage or a person with specialized knowledge with at least one year of foreign experience with a foreign company.  The requirements for an L-1 visa include proof of continuous foreign employment for one year in the previous three years immediately prior to the application.  The foreign employment requirement is satisfied even if there is a valid interruption in the performance of duties for the foreign company.  If an L-1 beneficiary enters the U.S. in his or her capacity as an employee of the organization on some other type of visa, the time spent working in the U.S. under a valid visa will not be counted in assessing the one year requirement.  However, neither will it be counted as applicable to the one-year previous foreign employment.

There are many advantages to an L-1 Visa, including opportunities for one’s family members.  The Victoria Law Group has successfully helped several companies obtain the L-1 Visa. Contact us with questions.

Here is the USCIS webpage for the L-1A Intracompany Transferee Executive or Manager: