Martin Hofmann

Legal and Real Estate Professional

Originally from Osnabruck, Germany; Martin Hofmann attended the University of Paderborn in Northern Germany where he earned his Masters degree in Tourism and Business Administration. Mr. Hofmann also attended the Universidade de Sevilla in Spain as part of the Erasmus Program where he spent one year studying Spanish Culture and Business with a European scholarship. After finishing his studies in Europe, Mr. Hofmann worked for 4 years as Head of Group Marketing for a major German Bank before moving to Natal, Brazil to found his own Travel Agency (check: www.flybrazil.us). Taking advantage of his international network and experience he started his career as a Real Estate agent in Miami, FL in 2012, working mainly with international investors. Mr. Hofmann loves Basketball and played for many years as a semi-pro.

United States




English, German, Portuguese, Spanish


University of Paderborn, Germany
City, State, Country - Paderborn, Germany
Degree – Master
Universidade de Sevilla
Erasmus Program

Countries you lived in

Brazil, Germany, Spain, United States

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