Origin of Our Name

Origin of Our Name

When we started our law firm, we did not want to be just another constantly evolving collection of names on a letterhead. We wanted a “brand” that we feel represents the Global nature of our mission, the exceptional qualifications of our attorneys, and the high caliber standards we strive to honor every day. We also recognized, as time passes, some great lawyers will leave the firm, and some equally great or better lawyers, will join the firm. We wanted to maintain the consistency associated with our standards, not with the name of an individual or several individuals. So, we landed on the name “Victoria” for several reasons: The Sun never set on Queen Victoria’s Commonwealth, the name “Victoria” has geographic relevance on every continent, and “The Victoria” was the first ship to circumnavigate the world surviving its original captain Ferdinand Magellan. It all seemed to represent what we wanted to accomplish. Over fifteen (15) years later, serving clients from around the world, The Victoria Law Group continues to move forward, and continues to represent excellence.

When we launched the firm in 2007, we did not want to be just another “collection of names on a letterhead” type of law firm.  Also, we knew that we would add great lawyers to our Firm over time, and that great lawyers would leave the Firm to pursue other opportunities over time.  In this world of marketing that we live in, we wanted a name we thought would represent us and one that we could also “brand”.  We wanted a name that was indicative of who we strive to be every day, and what would best represent the international nature of our mission.  We settled on “The Victoria Law Group” for the following principle reasons:

  • The first ship to circumnavigate the globe was “The Victoria/La Victoria”, a carrack in Ferdinand Magellan’s fleet. It sailed from a port in Sevilla, Spain, and returned to the same port as the lone surviving vessel after completing its world-wide journey.
  • Although the Victoria was the only ship to survive Magellan’s voyage around the world, Magellan himself did not survive. His mission continued without him.
  • The name “Victoria” has significance on every continent.
  • The Sun never set on Queen Victoria’s Empire.
  • The Canadians still celebrate Victoria Day as a national holiday.
  • Lake Victoria is the largest lake in Africa.
  • Victoria Harbor is Hong Kong’s major waterway.
  • And the Sun never sets on our world-wide mission.

We thought “The Victoria” represented the sterling, international brand we wanted to create.  Thus, The Victoria Law Group it is, still providing exceptional legal services in major cities, on different continents, around the world.

Real Estate Law

The Victoria Law Group consists of competent and dependable attorneys and legal professionals who are highly knowledgeable in the field of real estate law. Our team of legal professionals has assisted several residential and commercial clients with various legal matters associated with real estate including but not limited to the preparation and revision of contracts, acquisition of properties, refinances, foreclosures, deeds-in-lieu of foreclosure, short sales, landlord tenant disputes, eminent domain, leasing as well as enforcements and evictions.

There is no case too complex for The Victoria Law Group to handle. We understand Miami Real Estate; we were built for Miami Real Estate. We know how important the real estate industry is to the global economy and we work hard to provide our clients with the best solution for all their legal needs.

Representation in our Real Estate Practice Area includes sales, leases, title insurance and other transactions in addition to structuring complex sale and acquisition agreements and negotiating and closing complex mortgage financing on behalf of lenders and developers.